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Student Testimonials

Read J Productions Dental Seminars, Inc. testimonials and learn how we provide expert and innovative education for professionals from across the country and Northern California. Your future success could depend on one of our comprehensive educational programs.


"Joan, you and your faculty are awesome. Ever since I completed your EF2 program my professional life has changed in such positive ways. I have been provided such professional respect and my salary has gone through the roof. Thank you, thank you, thank you." — Susan; Bay Area

"You rock Joan!!! Like I always told you, I wish I had your brain!!! I am living proof that this lady brought out the talent in me!!! You CAN make well over what a hygienist makes!!! It takes passion, commitment and the ability to do both work and pursue your career!! I am part of the 2nd Class to have graduated from Joan’s class!!! LOVE THAT WOMAN" — Janie; Northern Calif

I've had the best experience with J Production getting my EFII. I was so nervous to sign up and attend the first day of school, because I had no idea what to expect.Thankfully walking in I was greeted by the friendly instructors and Joan Greenfield, who already gave me a heads up on everything I would need on the first day. I was expecting the first day to be all lecture and boring to be honest, but to my surprise we jumped right into it. We where provided instruments and the lectures are all on line which I really appreciated. My instructor went over every step with me and again to my surprise we where broken up into groups of four. I never felt neglected and I they always had tons of  materials and teeth for us. I formed great bonds with my classmates and my instructor which I will never forget. The day of my boards where nerve racking only because it was a new environment. I've never felt so prepared for a test. I'm horrible with written tests, and I actually passed my first try. I walked out of the practical and celebrated because I was confident that I passed (which I did)!  I strongly recommend the JProduction program if you're ready to extend your education, and be more of an asset to your office and yourself. — Student; Sacarmento