Additional Information and Application:  Ef2 Program

Dental Hygienist and Patient


The RDAEF program offered by J Productions Dental Seminars, Inc. delivers everything you need in comprehensive educational sessions. Our program Director has more than four decades of experience, and our educational and clinical goals are set to the highest standards of excellence. No one else can match our criteria, and state Board examination results.

Dental Hygienist Working With Fake Mouth

Small Class Size

Take advantage of the best teacher-to-student ratios with one faculty member for every four students. Small class sizes allow for lots of one-on-one instruction that does not occur in other programs.

Our students complete more than double the number of board-required restorations. The dedicated faculty goes above and beyond with the best materials provided and multiple mock boards to prepare you for state exams.

The functions for EF1 and EF2 course content are combined. We have consistent 96 -100 % pass rates on the RDAEF2 board exams. That's 25 - 65% higher than any other program. We have had only a few failures on the restorative examination since 2010 when EF2 became legal.

What Are the EF2 Duties?

Here is a summation of EF2 duties.

You'll learn these advanced restorative procedures and more.

  • Place, finish and adjust composite and metal fillings
  • Place, adjust and cement permanent crowns and bridges
  • Take final impression for crowns, bridges and tooth borne appliances
  • Perform patient assessment
  • And much more

Comparison of EF2 State Restorative and Clinical Examinations

Individual program results not available for exams prior to 2015, however J productions maintained consistent 96-100% results from 2010-2014.
Results Obtained from the Dental Board of California and Based on Full Class Examination Results

  2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
J Productions
98% 100% 94% 96%  
J Productions
100% 100% 100% 91%  
12% 90% 67% 81%  
50% 67% 80% 63%  
    80% 67%  
    100% 75%  

What Is Included In the Tuition?

All instruction and instructional materials, handouts, etc., are provided. We also include all consumable and restorative dental materials and the best education in California. See complete details on our attached PDF brochure.

Program Hands-On Dates for EF2

EF2 Program dates are listed in our PDF brochure.
State examination will be scheduled for sometime after the last weekend of class by the Dental Board of California.

Enroll early! Please be aware that because we are the number one program in California, our RDAEF2  & program is in high demand. Many individuals have been disappointed in the past because the course had filled before they could apply.

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